Writing/Reading Sites

1. Figment.com

This website is a very, let’s say, colorful and enthusiastic community. The creators of the website always try to improve their website. Every week on my email, I get an email from them, trying to lure me into their website. They can be convincing sometimes.

One of the things I noticed is that this website had “feeling” buttons. I’m not entirely sure what to call them but there is such buttons like “laugh”, “cry”, “shiver”, “blush”, and “wow.” This is definitely something that I think is very different from the rest of the websites.

2. Fictionpress.com/ Fanfiction.net

These two websites are from the same company however they are for two different purposes.

Fictionpress is for books besides fanfiction, which is primarily what the fanfiction.net books are.

A very simple website, and easy to navigate. For the inexperienced in technology, I would suggest this website.

3. Hexbound.com

Where books are called “projects,” this website seems to be pretty new, because it only has about 560 books in total.

Hexbound seems to have a pretty basic HTML so non-technophiles are very welcome here.

4. Elfwood.com

The title summarizes what makes this website different from others.

Fantasy and science fiction is very welcome here; it was specifically made for it.

Fan art is very popular here and can be posted.

5. Bookrix.com

Here, you can actually publish your own e-book!

They can be sold everywhere like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google and even more!

Because self-published books are posted here, not all the books are free. Many require payment so if you enjoy reading other’s works, I suggest not to come in this one.

But, if you are interested in self-publishing, coming into this website will increase you chances of becoming a novelist.

6. Webook.com

What’s fascinating about this particular website, there is a little section for writers to break their writer’s block.

Literary agents are popular in this website, so your book can become noticed.

7. Movellas.com

A UK website, this community are full of advantages for those lucky ones. The website holds competitions very often, so entering a competition will help you gain the experience and also, you have a chance of winning for a deal with a publisher.

8. Wattpad.com

The best one of them all. Wattpad is the most popular writing community, also known as the “Youtube for writers.”

Millions of people trade stories here. It is a huge social media, with clubs of all sorts.

However, Wattpad is centrally focused on teenagers because it’s very popular for the adolescents.

Novelists looking for more reads on their books by “previewing” it here will not help much. Teenagers are thrifty and don’t like to spend money on things that they are very passionate about.

Also, the Wattpad audience focuses on Teen fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Writing a historical fiction or Non-fiction will not attract many readers.

This list of websites can help you become better at writing. Sharing it with others will increase your confidence in writing gradually.

Hope this was helpful to you writers.

Have any other websites to suggest? Comment below.

~Fawn, xx